This is a record of The White Stripes first full live performance at the Gold Dollar in downtown Detroit in 1997. It’s a decent record that includes a great cover of Love Potion #9.

The Gold Dollar closed in 2001, but its website is still online. It’s interesting to look at, and it also has the bar owner’s take on how this record came to be (which is somewhat different from the official story.)

A1: St. James Infirmary
A2: Jimmy the Exploder
A3: Red Bowling Ball Ruth
A4: I Can Learn
A5: Love Potion #9
A6: Why Can’t You Be Nicer to Me?
B1: Marantette Blues (Lafayette Blues)
B2: Jumble, Jumble
B3: TV Eye
B4: Big Girl (Little People)
B5: Screwdriver