Bolt Thrower – …For Victory (2014 FDR Repress)

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“Bloodied battlefield” red & green splatter vinyl release of Bolt Thrower’s 1994 classic …For Victory repressed in 2014 by Earache Records on Full Density vinyl. Limited to 300 copies.

A1: War
A2: Remembrance
A2: When Glory Beckons
A4: …For Victory
A5: Graven Image
A6: Lest We Forget
B1: Silent Demise
B2: Forever Fallen
B3: Tank (Mk.I)
B4: Armageddon Bound

Blue Pearl – Naked In The Rain

Title: Naked in the Rain 12” single
Songs A (Fire Side): Fire Dance Mix, Massey’s 808 Jazz Mix, Fire 7”.
Songs B (Rain Side): Rain Dance Mix, Red Zone Dub
Label: Big Life (PolyGram)
Year: 1990
Run out groove: Unreadable. Both sides scratched out.
Additional Info: Catalog # 977-615-1.

Exhumed – Necrocracy Party Political Rally Pack

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2013 mailorder only “party political rally pack” containing yellow & blood red splatter vinyl, CD, Necrocracy badges/pins, bumper sticker, poster and printed lyric insert. Limited to 500 copies only, released via Relapse Records.

Vote Necrocracy Party 2013!

A1: Coins Upon The Eyes
A2: The Shape Of Deaths To Come
A3: Necrocracy
A4: Dysmorphic
A5: Sickened
B1: (So Passes) The Glory Of Death
B2: Ravening
B3: The Carrion Call
B4: The Rotting
B5: E Pluribus, Mortem

Mis-Teeq – All I Want (Garage Remixes)

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She Keeps Bees – Counter Charm


7″ of Counter Charm with a great cover of Blue Moon on the B-side. 300 copies made in different colors. Each one came in a vintage paper record sleeve.

A1: Counter Charm
B1: Blue Moon

Syd Barrett – Crazy Diamond 7″

Title: Crazy Diamond 7”
Songs A: Terrapin, Octopus
Songs B: Baby Lemonade, Effervescing Elephant
Label: Capitol
Year: 1993
Run out groove: NR 58186A
Additional Info:  The songs are from 1970, and this was released in 1993 in support of the 3 cd box set “Crazy Diamond”.  It is the first piece of colored vinyl I bought because of the color.

The White Stripes – Live at the Gold Dollar


This is a record of The White Stripes first full live performance at the Gold Dollar in downtown Detroit in 1997. It’s a decent record that includes a great cover of Love Potion #9.

The Gold Dollar closed in 2001, but its website is still online. It’s interesting to look at, and it also has the bar owner’s take on how this record came to be (which is somewhat different from the official story.)

A1: St. James Infirmary
A2: Jimmy the Exploder
A3: Red Bowling Ball Ruth
A4: I Can Learn
A5: Love Potion #9
A6: Why Can’t You Be Nicer to Me?
B1: Marantette Blues (Lafayette Blues)
B2: Jumble, Jumble
B3: TV Eye
B4: Big Girl (Little People)
B5: Screwdriver

Immortal – At The Heart Of Winter

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Reissue of Immortal’s excellent 1999 release, At The Heart Of Winter, on blue vinyl. Released via Osmose Productions, limited edition of 303.

A1: Withstand The Fall Of Time
A2: Solarfall
A3: Tragedies Blows At Horizon
B1: Where Dark And Light Don’t Differ
B2: At The Heart Of Winter
B3: Years Of Silent Sorrow

Inta Warriors – Volume 1


Another of Grooverider’s Inta Warriors release on Dee Jay Recordings (DJX009) back in 1993. Available in various colours, this is the red/maroon vinyl press.

A: Your Love Is Yours
B: Aqua-Pura

Carcass / Cerebral Bore – I Told You So / Horrendous Acts Of Iniquity (RSD 2014)

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Split Record Store Day 2014 release from Carcass and Cerebral Bore on a limited edition 7″ picture disc. The Carcass track was previously only available on their Wake Up and Smell the… Carcass compilation.

A: Carcass I Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)
B: Cerebral Bore Horrendous Acts Of Iniquity