The Psychedelic Furs – Dumb Waiters

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Taken from the The Psychedelic Furs’ second album, Talk Talk Talk, this single came out before the LP was released and features a playable ‘Polish Postcard’ sleeve (basically a flexi disc) that plays a sampler of some of the album’s tracks – “Into You Like a Train”, “I Wanna Sleep With You” and “Pretty in Pink” to be exact. The sound quality is absolutely awful but it’s an interesting release nonetheless.

Revocation – Revocation

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Revocation’s second LP on Relapse released on purple, green & gold splatter vinyl. Limited to 501 copies.

A1: The Hive
A2: Scattering The Flock
A3: Archfiend
B1: Numbing Agents
B2: Fracked
B3: The Gift You Gave
C1: Invidious
C2: Spastic
C3: Entombed By Wealth
D1: A Visitation
D2: Dyer’s Eve

T-Power – Police State (Part 2)

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Part 2 of T-Power’s Police State. Blue vinyl released on SOUR in ’96

A: Prospect For Democracy
B: Synthesis

T-Power – Police State (Part 1)

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Part 1 of T-Power’s Police State, this one on red vinyl, released on SOUR back in ’96.

A1: Police State
B1: Amber Light (Shy Fx Extended Version)

At The Gates – Slaughter Of The Soul

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Picture disc release of the melodic death metal maestros’ seminal 1995 LP, Slaughter of the Soul. A firm favourite round these parts, this is a top slice of vinyl by a band in their prime (who actually broke up after putting it out). The band are putting the finishing touches on a new album and there are FDR vinyl reissues on the way so it seemed a good time to get this one up online. Released via the illustrious Earache Records back in 2006.

A1: Blinded By Fear
A2: Slaughter Of The Soul
A3: Cold
A4: Under A Serpent Sun
A5: Into The Dead Sky
A6: Suicide Nation
A7: World Of Lies
A8v Unto Others
B1: Nausea
B2: Need
B3: The Flames Of The End
B4: Legion
B5: The Dying
B6: Captor Of Sin
B7: Unto Others (Demo)
B8: Suicide Nation (Demo)
B9: Bister Verklighet

Formation Records – Unified Colours Of Drum & Bass

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Formation Records’ 1997 release featuring remixes of many of the tunes on their colour series sister label. The original version of SS’s Black appears on the A side of the LP which features white, red, blue, green and yellow bits of wax.

A: DJ SS – Black
B: DJ SS – White (Technical Itch Remix)
C: Mental Power – Gold (Mental Power Remix)
D: DJ SS – Green (IC1 Remix)
E: Mental Power – Red (DJ SS Remix)
F: Mental Power – Purple (Barcode Remix)
G: By Reasonable Force – Platinum
H: Tekniq – Yellow (Tekniq Remix)
I: Rayner – Silver (DJ SS Remix)
J1: Perfect Combination – Brown (Perfect Combination Remix)
J2: DJ SS & Mental Power – Blue (Mental Power Remix)

School Of Language – Old Fears

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Pink vinyl edition of School of Language’s 2014 LP, Old Fears. A side project of the hugely talented Field Music this is an absolute killer indie album. Record comes signed by David Brewis and also has a bonus More Fears 7″

A1: Distance Between
A2: A Smile Cracks
A3: Suits Us Better
A4: Between The Suburbs
A5: Old Fears
B1: Dress Up
B2: Moment Of Doubt
B3: Small Words
B4: So Much Time
B5: You Kept Yourself

Mastodon – Leviathan

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7th press of Mastodon’s 2004 LP Leviathan on Relapse Records. This version is the yellow & red sunburst vinyl edition, limited to 301 copies.

A1: Blood And Thunder
A2: Seabeast
A3: Iron Tusk
A4: Megalodon
A5: Naked Burn
A6: Aqua Dementia
B1: I Am Ahab
B2: Island
B3: Hearts Alive
B4: Joseph Merrick

PAPA – Put Me to Work / If You’re My Girl, Then I’m Your Man


Double A-side 7″.

-Put Me to Work
-If You’re My Girl, Then I’m Your Man

Bolt Thrower – …For Victory (2014 FDR Repress)

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“Bloodied battlefield” red & green splatter vinyl release of Bolt Thrower’s 1994 classic …For Victory repressed in 2014 by Earache Records on Full Density vinyl. Limited to 300 copies.

A1: War
A2: Remembrance
A2: When Glory Beckons
A4: …For Victory
A5: Graven Image
A6: Lest We Forget
B1: Silent Demise
B2: Forever Fallen
B3: Tank (Mk.I)
B4: Armageddon Bound