The Philistines Jr – Kas Tos Dumas Kupinaj?

A: Kas tos dumas kupinaj?
B: Farmer Brown in Vermont

Label: Dot Dot Dash
Year: 1994
Run out groove: DOT2A U-38617 M-A
Additional Info: According to the back of the sleeve it’s a DDA (digital to digital to analog) recording.

Lord Dying – Summon the Faithless

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Lord Dying’s debut album on Relapse Records on a pink & green merge vinyl limited to 300 copies.

A1: In A Frightful State Of Gnawed Dismemberment
A2: Summoning The Faithless
A3: Greed Is Your Horse
A4: Descend Into External
B1: Dreams Of Mercy
B2: Perverse Osmosis
B3: Water Under A Burning Bridge
B4: What Is Not…Is

Anthrax – Worship Music

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Anthrax’s tenth studio album released in 2011 LP on Nuclear Blast and the first one in eleven years to feature Joey Belladonna on vocals. Their old material is great but nothing since the early 90s had really hit the mark for me, this was a bit of a return to form. Released on many different vinyl versions including a pretty sweet double picture disc this is the awesome splatter vinyl release that was limited to 250 copies.

A1: Worship
A2: Earth On Hell
A3: The Devil You Know
A4: Fight’em ‘Til You Can’t
B1: I’m Alive
B2: Hymn 1
B3: In The End
B4: The Giant
C1: Hymn 2
C2: Judas Priest
C3: Crawl
D1: The Constant
D2: Revolution Screams
D3: New Noise

Exhumed / Iron Reagan – Split

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Split 12″ from Exhumed and Iron Reagan released via Tankcrimes in 2014. White vinyl edition is limited to 700.

A1: Exhumed - Gravewalker
A2: Exhumed - Dead to the World
A3: Exhumed - Seeing Red
A4: Exhumed - Ready to Fight
B1: Iron Reagan - Life Beater
B2: Iron Reagan - Gave Up on Giving a Fuck
B3: Iron Reagan - Mini Lights
B4: Iron Reagan - Holy Water Makes Me Wet

L Double & Shy FX – The Shit

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L Double & Shy FX’s 1996 collaboration on Flex Records on one-sided blue vinyl

Supergrass – Lenny

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Supergrass’s third single taken from their debut album I Should Coco on a nice sky blue 7″

A: Lenny
B: Wait For The Sun

Toxic Holocaust – Evil Never Dies

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2014 repress of Toxic Holocaust’s debut LP,  Evil Never Dies, on yellow & black half & half vinyl. Released via Relapse Records, limited to 500 copies.

A1: Evil Never Dies
A2: War Is Hell
A3: Enemy Of Jesus
A4: Damned To Fire
A5: Exxxecutioner
A6: 666
B1: Summon The Beast
B2: Demise
B3: Warfare
B4: Dead To The World
B5: Fallout
B6: Atomik Destruktor

Carcass – Surgical Steel Deluxe Box Set

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Deluxe Edition of Carcass’s 2013 album, Surgical Steel. Foil stamped box set contains vinyl picture disc, CD in surgical kit, A2 album poster, 12-page booklet, patch and certificate of authentication. Only available through Nuclear Blast’s US online store this was limited to 750 copies worldwide.

A1: 1985
A2: Thrasher’s Abbatoir
A3: Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System
A4: A Congealed Clot Of Blood
A5: The Master Butcher’s Apron
A6: Noncompliance To ASTM F899-12 Standard
B1: The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills
B2: Unfit For Human Consumption
B3: 316L Grade Surgical Steel
B4: Captive Bolt Pistol
B5: Mount Of Execution

Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face

A: (kneeling side) Eyes Without A Face
B: (dark portrait side) Blue Highway, (Do Not) Stand In The Shadows

Run out groove: 8V8-42791

Sounds as bad as you would expect a picture disc to sound. Still love me some Billy Idol though.

John Carpenter – Assault On Precinct 13 Soundtrack

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Vanilla Swirl vinyl edition of John Carpenter’s soundtrack for Assault on Precinct 13 released via Death Waltz purveyors of some of the nicest looking records that we’ve seen in years. Wish we’d picked up more of the ones that are now sold out!