Formation Records’ 1997 release featuring remixes of many of the tunes on their colour series sister label. The original version of SS’s Black appears on the A side of the LP which features white, red, blue, green and yellow bits of wax.

A: DJ SS – Black
B: DJ SS – White (Technical Itch Remix)
C: Mental Power – Gold (Mental Power Remix)
D: DJ SS – Green (IC1 Remix)
E: Mental Power – Red (DJ SS Remix)
F: Mental Power – Purple (Barcode Remix)
G: By Reasonable Force – Platinum
H: Tekniq – Yellow (Tekniq Remix)
I: Rayner – Silver (DJ SS Remix)
J1: Perfect Combination – Brown (Perfect Combination Remix)
J2: DJ SS & Mental Power – Blue (Mental Power Remix)