Hotly anticipated return from the Swedish death metallers dropping an album 19 years after their previous release, Slaughter Of The Soul. Put out through Century Media and released with about a million colour variations, as most big metal releases seem to have these days. This one is the lilac vinyl limited to 100 copies and sold via the US store.

A1: El Altar Del Dios Desconocido
A2: Death And The Labyrinth
A3: At War With Reality
A4: The Circular Ruins
A5: Heroes And Tombs
A6: The Conspiracy Of The Blind
A7: Order From Chaos
B1: The Book Of Sand (The Abomination)
B2: The Head Of The Hydra
B3: City Of Mirrors
B4: Eater Of Gods
B5: Upon Pillars Of Dust
B6: The Night Eternal