After being commissioned to write a score for John Grierson’s 1929 film Drifters and touring it round the country Field Music  released the whole thing on silver vinyl for Record Store Day 2015. Released via Memphis Industries and limited to 700 copies this marks the incredibly talented duo’s first entirely instrumental album.

A1: Introduction
A2: Village
A3: Engine
A4: Out Of The Harbour
A5: Headland
A6: The Log-Line Tells The Miles
A7: Casting Out Part 1
A8: While Down Below
A9: Casting Out Parts 2 & 3
A10: Night-Time
A11: Destroyers Of The Deep
A12: Dawn Breaks
B1: Wake Up
B2: Hauling
B3: The Storm Gathers
B4: Full Speed
B5: Batten Down
B6: The Ship Rides Through / Quayside Part 1
B7: Quayside Part 2
B8: Ends Of The Earth