Most people think of Alan Partridge when they hear the name Norwich but now there’s another reason to like the place, Shrapnel. These Norfolk boys released The Virus Conspires to a rumble of broadsheet praise in 2014 and it was well deserved too. For anyone who likes a bit of thrash metal you could do a lot worse than checking out these rifftastic lads. Released on a pretty swanky double clear & red splatter vinyl this is an album that didn’t really seem to get the praise it deserves. “Back of the net” etc.

A1: Kingdom Come
A2: Titan
A3: Braindead
B1: 22
B2: The Virus Conspires
B3: The Wake
C1: Red Terror
C2: The Watchers
C3: Pseudocommando
D1: Poison The Mind
D2: All That We Know
D3: Devils Born