Reissue of Revocation‘s first album reissued for the first time on vinyl via Metal Blade. Limited to 200 this is the olive green version, very tasty looking. Great album too!

A1: Unattained
A2: Tail From The Crypt
A3: Exhumed Identity
A4: Fields Of Predation
B1: Alliance And Tyranny
B2: Suffer These Wounds
B3: Summon The Spawn
C1: None Shall Be Spared (All Shall Be Speared)
C2: Stillness
C3: Age Of Inuquity
C4: Empire Of The Obscene
D1: Summon The Spawn (Demo 2006)
D2: Unattained (Demo 2006)
D3: Suffer The Wounds (Demo 2006)