Super deluxe vinyl box set of the remastered Death classic, Leprosy. Release contains 2 x pink, orange and blue splatter vinyl, a leprosy slip mat and a replication of the original newspaper insert from the Combat edition. First of several reissues by Relapse of all the early Death material. Watch out for more to come…

A1: Leprosy
A2: Born Dead
A3: Forgotten Past
A4: Left To Die
B1: Pull The Plug
B2: Open Casket
B3: Primitive Ways
B4: Choke On It
Leprosy Rehearsal, September 23rd, 1987
C1: Open Casket
C2: Choke On It
C3: Left To Die
C4: Left To Die: Take 2
Leprosy Rehearsal, December 5th, 1987
C5: Left To Die
D1: Open Casket
D2: Pull The Plug
D3: Choke On It
D4: Born Dead
D5: Forgotten Past