Released in 2015 on Oxblood and Bone (red and white) vinyl, The soundtrack for the 1993 Sega classic ‘Shinobi III’ composed by Hirofumi Murasaki, Morihiko Akiyama and Masayuki Nagao showcased the talent for squeezing out what they could from the then advanced yet technically limited 16bit hardware of the Mega Drive.

Shipped in a matt finish 400gsm sleeve with OBI strip and fold out poster of original Shinobi art.

A1. Shinobi
A2. Storm Wind
A3. Japonesque
A4. Hassou!
A5. He Runs
A6. Mandara
A7. Idaten
A8. Ninja Soul
A9. Shadows
A10. Getufu
A11. Round Clear
B1. Inner Darkside
B2. Trap Boogie
B3. My Dear D
B4. Whirlwind
B5. Shinobi Walk
B6. Rush and Beat
B7. Izayoi
B8. Solitary
B9. Shadow Master
B10. Sakura
B11. Game Over