Red and black swirl edition of Iron Reagan’s second album, featuring an endless onslaught of short, sharp punky thrash metal. Another from the Relapse camp. Limited to 500 copies.

A1: Tyranny Of Will
A2: I Won’t Go
A3: Eyeball Gore
A4: Close To Toast
A5: Bet On Black
A6: Miserable Failure
A7: The Living Skull
A8: In Greed We Trust
A9: Glocking Out
A10: Rat Shit
A11: U Lock The Bike Cop
A12: Broken Bottles
B1: Bleeding Frenzy
B2: Bored To Death
B3: Class Holes
B4: Obsolete Man
B5: Nameless
B6: Exit The Game
B7: Your Kid’s An Asshole
B8: Patriotic Shock
B9: Bill Of Fights
B10: Consensual Harassment
B11: Just Say Go
B12: Four More Years