Repress of Exhumed’s second LP, Slaughtercult, on double orange/red splatter vinyl. The first record contains the original album with a bonus saw-shaped disc containing rehearsals and re-recordings. Check the Gore Metal reissue for more early re-recordings. Re-released by Hells Headbangers

A1: Decrepit Crescendo
A1: Forged In Fire (Formed In Flame)
A3: A Lesson In Pathology
A4: This Axe Was Made To Grind
A5: Carnal Epitaph
B1: Dinnertime In The Morgue
B2: Fester Forever
B3: Deep Red
B4: Infester
B5: Slave To The Casket
B6: Slaughtercult
B7: Funeral Fuck
B8: Vacant Grave