I’m Tom and I first set up this site to document all the weird & wonderful records that I have collected over the years. As you can see there’s a bit of everything on here: some great stuff and some that I should probably not be admitting to owning. Over time a few lovely folks contributed pics from their collection as well. It’s pretty obvious that they have far better taste in tunes than I do.

This blog is here to celebrate all the colours, shapes and sizes of vinyl, from the current and cool to the old and ridiculous. Hopefully this site will provide people with a few pretty things to look at as well as some that provoke a giggle or two.

Contributing images

I’d absolute love for more people to contribute. So, if you have a load of interesting records, a decent digital camera and a few spare minutes either leave a comment below or drop me a line.


A few other places of interest: my design & development company Lighthouse London. This is what I do to make money and the site shows off some of the work that we’ve done in the past. You can also check out my other blog – where I regularly post random crap, with a healthy lean towards the music side of things.

30 Responses

  1. Andrew Bates says:

    hey, i have the Warp20 boxset which has a rather nice laser etching on a couple of the records. my camera isn’t AMAZINGLY fantastic, but it takes pretty ok pics. would like to contribute pics of the Warp20 if that’s cool

  2. Steph Edwards says:

    Hi! I noticed your ‘Etched’ section is empty, and I have a copy of Portishead’s ‘Machine Gun’ on 12″ that has some mad etching on it. It’s really beautiful. I could upload you photos sometime if you like? 🙂
    Loving your site!

  3. Stu says:

    Hey, I’ve a couple I’d like to contribute, one for your ‘Grey’ section (Dam Mantle’s Grey EP), and a Ghostbusters single in the shape of the Ghostbusters logo. That one calls for a new tag, ‘weird shaped records’.

  4. edd_jedi says:

    Hey Tom, just registered. Snapped some of my coloured vinyls/picture discs, so let me know how to upload.

  5. Alex Btant says:

    Hi. I have recently began the hobby of collecting vinyls. Some of the ones I have are very eye catching and would fit perfectly on this site. I was hoping for a possibility of contributing to your project.


  6. tron says:

    Hi Tom 🙂 i have a lots of coloured D&B vinyls and Gabber/Speedcore Picture Discs in my vinyl collection.let me know how i could upload them.



  7. savagearrow says:

    Hey, I sent you a few photos before that you’ve added to the site but I’ve got more. Would be easier for me to add them myself. Let me know how. Cheers, Aaron

  8. DJ Bluewater says:

    what about colored 45s?

  9. Tom says:

    Yes please! 45s are all good by me

  10. strepsil says:

    Hi Tom – long time no speak!
    Me and some mates have been putting out the amazing music of Ben Bracket who sadly passed away in april 2009 – each release includes a ltd 50 pressing coloured run – the first was green, the second purple.. and the third is out next week!
    I’ve got some good photos – you can get an idea from the images from the first release on discogs: http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=1941494
    Let me know how I get these to you!

  11. ella says:

    Hi Tom,

    I’ve a few I’d want to share – is there an email I could forward the pictures to?


  12. vodkatearz says:

    I’ve got a few to share as well (Cosmin TRG, James Blake etc….) . get in touch!

  13. Hulotings says:

    Great collection you have here, really inspiring. I have a beautiful juicy looking one to submit from Oil Gang, will link you into my blog which I’m going to post about it! hit me bk 😀

  14. DeeJayBudd says:

    I like the collection building up here. I got a few DnB and some Rock that aren’t up either, give us a shout and I can hook you up with some photos…

  15. RIGTHEMORT says:

    Hey! nice idea for a site. i love picture discs myself and collect them too, even if they are crap heh. i have over a thousand vinyl with some nice pretty discs that i wouldnt mind putting up. Examples like Anthrax vs Run DMC, Neophyte records, Ron D Core and a ton of just different coloured/marbled records including a 7″ pink Dolly parton – Great balls of fire! 🙂 get in touch as i cant seem to find an upload link. Cheers

  16. CJ Sneek says:

    Just a thought, but could you guys also include the release year? It would nice to know when these pieces of art were released.

  17. Tom says:

    Good idea on the release year, I’ll have a think about how best to put that up there as well!

  18. glxblt says:

    This site is wonderful! I’ve got a record collection with plenty of picture disks, etched and multicoloured ones and a decent camera to boot, (5D MK2) and I’m willing to contribute. I registered an account and I’m waiting to get in touch.

  19. hiya,
    rob phokus suggested i get in touch. love the site! the next kokeshi release is hot pink vinyl..the last 2 before that were also different coloured vinyls..would love to get some pics up on your site.
    Alley Cat

  20. explorateur says:

    I’m a DJ and would love to share some unique LPs from my collection! Let me know if you’d like some sample photos.

  21. Tom says:

    Hi Tom! I too share a love for unique vinyl, and have a couple of unique newer records in dnb. get in touch if you want some pics. Love the site!

  22. Gemma says:

    Hi! I have a number of pretty photos of coloured records, because I’m obsessed with them. let me know if there’s an email address to send you the full sized images X

  23. Lachie says:

    Hey Tom!
    I’ve got a few nice coloured vinyl’s that I can contribute with, and they’re all musically tasteful haha. Can crack out the camera and send in some shots if you’re interested 🙂

  24. Rob Davies says:

    Hey Tom. Great blog here, would love to contribute some pictures to the site.

  25. Rob says:

    Hey Tom. This is a great site, really interesting stuff. I have a few bits in my collection that you might be interested in having on the site? Let me know! Cheers.

  26. Steve says:

    nice work ….super layout.
    I have a few pieces that might fit the bill.

    All the Best,

  27. Jack says:

    Hi Tom,
    It’s Jack here a friend of Colm.
    I just picked up a nice lilac translucent copy of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEDURXvxgY4
    It’s a lovely looking record so thought a pic might be of interest. The originals were issued in both lilac and orange. A set would look nice but probably not nice enough to warrant buying another copy.

  28. ecceccecc says:

    Joined right now because I just bought a picture disc by the Brazilian rocker Paulo Ricardo from 1991, called “Psico Tropico”, released by Sony Music.

  29. Tony says:

    I got Trouble! White album was given to me by Eric Wagner lead singer, All signed by band, Awesomness!!!! He told me to take pic and put up????? How?

  30. Jason lavine says:

    Hi I ve got quite a few 7″ 12″ and album picture discs if your interested just let me know how to upload. Cheers