2015 repress of this compilation released after their last 90s studio album, Swansong. It’s a collection of previous hard to find sessions as well as the two EPs (Tools of the Trade and Heartwork) that came out a few years before. Previously only available on CD this saw the first time the collection saw a vinyl release. While there were multiple copies that saw the clear/green splatter version this was one of the first 100 copies that featured the black cover art.

A1: Edge Of Darkness
A2: Emotional Flatline
A3: Ever Increasing Circles
A4: Blood Spattered Banner
A5: I Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)
B1: Buried Dreams
B2: No Love Lost
B3: Rot ‘N’ Roll
B4: Edge Of Darkness
C1: This Is Your Life
C2: Rot ‘N’ Roll
C3: Tools Of The Trade
C4: Pyosisified (Still Rotten To The Gore)
C5: Hepatic Tissue Fermentation II
D1: Genital Grinder II
D2: Hepatic Tissue Fermentation
D3: Exhume To Consume