Second of the deluxe box set reissues of classic Death albums by Relapse Records. Following on from the Leprosy set it’s Spiritual Healing up with a lovely red and blue merge vinyl. Once again the pack contains a slip mat as well as a bunch of extra bits and bobs. Amazing album and a quality package.

A1: Living Monstrosity
A2: Altering The Future
A3: Defensive Personalities
A4: Within The Mind
B5: Spiritual Healing
B6: Low Life
B7: Genetic Reconstruction
B8: Killing Spree
Spiritual Healing Rehearsals
C1: Altering The Future
C2: Defensive Personalities
C3: Within The Mind
C4: Within The Mind (Take 2)
D5: Spiritual Healing
D6: Killing Spree
Joke & Jam Tracks
D7: Satanic Jam
D8: Primus Jam
D9: Jon A Qua (Take 2)